About EcoNBio Roots

ECO & BIO ROOTS traces a healthier lifestyle by seeking its solution in the nature’s bounty. As the name suggests the brand emphasizes on use of eco- friendly and naturally occurring substances for a holistic living. Going back to the roots is the message the brand wants to get across to all by showing a way forward with its whole range of goods which are essential to good health. 

The brand has a natural solution for all your lifestyle choices from the food you eat to products you use. One can never go wrong with natural, eco-friendly and organic products. Choose your health and make it your ultimate wealth with our natural and organic products which help you choose from a range of products. 

About UMA Home Made Organic Pickles

The name UMA stands for a mother’s love, nurtured with the goodness of nature and purely made with love. It is a name that you can rely on for giving you a taste of home-cooked foods. The aesthetics and technique of using the traditional items with a twist of taste and natural goodness is done by the women who work at UMA’s small self help organization using their traditional recipes to give you the taste of mother’s hand cooked good foodstuffs.

As the name suggests UMA has been named after the mentor of the brand who herself is a mother and knows it best that unless any food has a touch of motherly aesthetics it can never be satiating. She has been instrumental in helping acknowledge this as a skill to empower the women from the villages to become independent financially and learn better techniques to do what they already are best at- taking forward their traditional recipes with a twist of taste and nutrition together. The brand ensures carefully picked organic foods which are used for preparing food items that are nutritious and beneficial to health. It has also imparted to these women advanced knowledge of how to prepare pickles and snacks and ensures all possible health, hygiene and safety norms for them are in place while at work. It has given them a ray of hope to economically advance their condition and motivated them to work earnestly and become independent to lead better lives not only for them but also their families. UMA holdings has done its best to ensure empowerment of women at the grassroots and giving them equality for fair wages like men.