About Us

About Us

ECONBIO ROOTS works towards bestowing the market with products that are purely natural preserved with the goodness of nature. As the name suggests the brand emphasizes on professing the use of eco- friendly and naturally occurring substances over the contemporary artificial and synthetic products for a holistic living. We specialize in range of natural super-foods, herbal cosmetics for skin, hair and personal care and mom-made pickles. The brand has a natural solution for all your lifestyle choices from the food you eat to the cosmetics products you use. One can never go wrong with natural, eco-friendly and organic products. Since time immemorial these ingredients have been used rampantly in age-old skincare practices. We furnish the market with the much needed products that are boons to the realm of skin and hair care. The product mix ranging from Pumpkin Seeds and Green Coffee Beans to Hibiscus and Multani Mitti Powder and are all available in their crude forms so that their pureness is kept intact. The products have been manufactured under careful supervision perpetuating all quality measures to ensure the finest quality of the products at the manufacturing unit. The entire range of the products have been aimed towards bringing back the age-old formulae for Hair care and skincare to practice as nothing can be more effective than natural ingredients for the skin and hair. These ingredients were the key to healthy and radiant skin and hair since 4000 years before the synthetic revolution and we are working towards resurrecting this practice in the present and hereafter. Going back to the roots is the message the brand wants to get across to all by showing a way forward swearing by the virtue of nature.

Our cause

Currently post the synthetic revolution and globalization people have put their complete faith on synthetic and artificial cosmetic products due to a fast-faced lifestyle that has very less room for patience. But this has led them to lose out on the healthier and sustainable practices that have been the basis of skincare methods since the ancient times. We have taken up the onus upon us to profess the advantages of using natural products instead of using synthetic cosmetics that might display instant results but they prove to be short lived. Our objective is to help the masses identify the true worth of the natural age-old ingredients and experience their long-term benefits. The brand has a natural solution for all lifestyle choices from the food one eats to products that one uses. One can never go wrong with natural, eco-friendly and organic products.

Our Story

ECONBIO ROOTS was founded with a righteous intent of yielding the market with an authentic range of herbal cosmetics spearheaded by Mrs. Uma Sangar Tomar and Mrs. Aanisha Singh Tomar back in 2017. The organization is a rendition of empowered women who build their own fate and walk shoulder to shoulder by lending a helping hand to each other in their path towards triumph. The chief workforce comprises of women who owe their expertise in various skills that are cottage industry based. This project was initiated in the small village of Phagi in the state of Rajasthan with an aim to generate more and more employment opportunities for the impoverished (chiefly women) in turn blessing the market with herbal cosmetic products with the goodness of nature. They are encouraged to be a contributing member to both the family and the society. Women are provided with technical training to make them highly skilled in their field of work thus expanding their horizon of opportunities. The purpose of this brand is to make women more and more self-independent with each passing day so that they can sustain themselves singlehandedly against all cultural prejudices. Since the inception our aim has been to vigorously reiterate the necessity to go back to nature and keep grounded with our distinctive indigenous roots. This project has always kept its goals well defined regarding the conservation of Mother Nature and hence all the products are eco-friendly and available in the crudest form possible.


In the dynamic lifestyle of the 21st century people have resorted to synthetic cosmetics for instant results that are detrimental for skin health in the long run. Our objective is to intervene and profess the upper hand that natural products have over the synthetic. Our efforts are aimed towards aiding beauty and body maintenance hacks with instant and long-lasting products so that this age old practices are carried forward with the generation for its own benefit. The entire range of our products are eco-friendly and available in the crudest and unprocessed form possible with all their natural traits intact. The products are aimed towards making your beauty regime and diet maintenance most convenient so that it is fun! To conclude we specialize in reducing your toil of stirring up face packs and hair packs while you can trust the purity of our products with your eyes closed. Just mix and apply with no compromise in quality being completely unadulterated.


We work towards making more and more women self-sustainable and generating more employment for them will be the best way to make them independent. We aspire to widen the boundaries of engagement in the rural zones of the country where women need to be liberated.


 It is our aim to rescue people from the use of synthetic products that are chemical laden and keep them away from their adverse effects on the body. We are ambitious towards preaching the use of natural and unadulterated products for both the body and the skin over synthetic & chemical infused products that cause harm to the body with time. We dream of a world functioning on organic methods for a more sustainable future.

Upcoming Plans

Currently we are doing great in the online marketplace with our range of products that have been appreciated countrywide. We have future plans of introducing more such wondrous products in each category including natural hair oils and face gels and herbal cosmetics like soaps, balms and creams which would be completely SMS and Paraben Free and organic in nature. In the bigger picture we are planning to turn 100% organic in the course of the next few years.

Brand Promise

We believe in delivering quality and purity while serving to make body care using unadulterated and natural products more accessible and affordable. Our aim is to manufacture as less unprocessed natural products and let the customer experience the authentic quality of the products and long for more!

Founders’ Story

ECONBIO ROOTS is a joint endeavor of Mrs. Aanisha Singh Tomar and Mrs. Uma Tomar . Both have worked with great dedication to take the organization to the greatest heights. Mrs. Aanisha Singh Tomar manifests a heterogeneous experience of over 10 years in various fields of work such as Media Production, Engineering and dedicating 10 years exclusively to organic and natural foods and herbals products. Having worked in diverse environments such as marketing and branding earned her a great deal of exposure and insights that has aided her in the conceptualization of the brand. Through her own endeavors she has gained first-hand knowledge in natural herbals products and marketing. She has been training and spreading awareness about Natural Herbal Product religiously. Collaterally Mrs. Uma Tomar holds 25 years of experience in diverse industries including education, warehousing along with 10 years of experience in organic pickle and herbals products. She has always been a resilient support for the organization holding it together and taking it forward with each passing day. She has always been extremely focused about preaching sustainable living and works meticulously for the cause.