ECONBIO ROOTS Assorted Printed Mask Pack of 7

Rs. 100.00

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  • The masks come in a pack of 7 of assorted prints for 7 days of the week so that you can be trendy all week round.
  • They are washable and thus re-usable thus increasing their feasibility.
  • The masks are adjustable and perfectly fit the shape of your face and cause no hindrance in your facial movements.
  • The elastic holding the mask on the face is soft and is not harsh on the ear.
  • The masks even after being double layered cause no obstruction in breathing and are quite absorbent.


An assortment of premium printed masks has been assembled for you for the entire week. Each mask for each day Monday to Sunday you will be mask-ready. This is the modern day masquerade. A range of Eco-friendly cotton masks with double layer of filtration. These masks will block you from inhaling in dust particles and droplets for you to have happier lungs. They easily fit your face and do not create any hindrance in breathing and perfectly accommodate all your facial movements. These cotton masks are washable hence re-usable contributing to the reduction of waste due to the disposal of masks. The material is absorbent and breathable with wider face coverage. The elastics that hold the mask on the face are soft and not harsh on the ears. The masks can be foldable and are easy to carry around while not wearing. It is a perfect protection that not only keeps you safe but makes you look chic and fashionable. Face Masks are the next big fashion revolution of the 21st Century! Get ready to be trendy with them.