ECONBIO ROOTS Labute Black Pearl, Aloevera, Avocado & Honey Facial Sheet Mask (Pack of 4)

Rs. 600.00

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  • Black Pearl Sheet Mask purifies and heals skin on a consistent use.
  • Aloe vera helps soothe sunburn as one of the best natural remedies. It builds a protective layer on the skin, which helps to retain moisture and helps to moisturize the skin.
  • Avocados help speed skin repair and improve chronic skin conditions.
  • Cleanse your face thoroughly and wipe it dry.
  • Take out and unfold the mask and place it on your face by positioning it properly.


Black Pearl has taken the beauty care market into a new frenzy. Black pearls are considered to possess purifying and healing agents since ancient times. It is a natural multi-tasking beauty care ingredient. Quality fresh water pearls being a natural source of calcium they offer a wide range of benefits for the skin. It firms, brightens, heals and provides antioxidant protection to the skin. Aloe vera is a plant of the cactus family, and is very popular for its cosmetic as well as medicinal properties. The transparent gel-like liquid, found in the inner part of the leaf is what gives this plant the amazing benefits. Since the aloe gel is made up of over 96% water, it is no wonder that the extracts of this plant have amazing moisturizing and skin-healing properties. Besides tasting delicious as guacamole or spread on a warm piece of toast, avocados boast an impressive list of skin-boosting benefits. This is due to the healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals that are packed inside this nutritious super fruit. Not only are avocados high in healthy fats, but they’re also an excellent source of vitamins E and C, both of which play a key role in the health and vitality of your skin. Honey's often thought of as a healthier sweetener, but you might be surprised to learn that this ingredient has tons of skin and hair benefits, too. Made by the alchemy of bees collecting nectar, pollen, and resins from flowers, honey can help moisturize, fight aging, and fight bacteria. Plus, it’s loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, and healing compounds.