ECONBIO ROOTS Natural Seeds Combo (Halim and Basil seeds 100g)

Rs. 480.00

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  • Halim Seeds can be consumed to reduce the symptoms of indigestion and constipation.
  • Halim Seeds can be blended and infused with hot water can be effectively used for treating colic especially in children.
  • Basil Seeds helps in detoxification of the body and regulates a smooth bowel movement.
  • It helps in weight loss as it is full of fiber and makes you feel full for a prolonged period of time eventually reducing your appetite.
  • It acts as a cooling agent as it helps us deal with the scorching heat during severe summers.


Halim seeds have antioxidants that prevent free radicals from causing damage to the body cells. Halim Seeds are an excellent source of folic acid, Vitamin C , A& E, dietary fiber starting from Calcium, Protein till Folate. Basil seeds are also known ‘Falooda’ seeds or ‘Sabja’ seeds. They are a power house of nutrition and are packed with Immunity Boosting properties. They are used as an addition to beverages and desert. Basil Seeds have a long history in Ayurvedic history. They are loaded with essential minerals that are useful for the smooth functioning of a number of bodily functions. Regular consumption of Basil seeds can fulfill your daily nutrient needs. It is a good source of proteins for vegans who don’t eat any form of animal products.